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lessons as a roving yorkshire vicar

My lessons as a roving Yorkshire vicar – Matt Woodcock

A FEW years ago, on the cusp of training to become a Church of England minister, I attended a Sunday morning service in a lovely part of Yorkshire.

It was a glorious morning and I looked forward to giving thanks to God for the gift of being alive.

About an hour later, I walked out of that gloomy church feeling like my good mood had been sucked out of me by one of those happiness-devouring Dementor characters from the Harry Potter books.


It was grim.

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Male Fertility by Matt Woodcock

Matt on

fertility struggles

Why I prayed for my testicles

When vicar Matt Woodcock was told that his sperm count was too low, he felt that part of his masculinity had been stolen

Matt Woodcock … ‘I still wince at the memory of the sperm donation room.’

Asking a roomful of people to pray for my testicles was a turning point in our journey towards having children. In the dark days of our childlessness and IVF treatment, my wife, Anna, and I began to seek every intercession we could lay our hands on. Then there were the prayers who actually did lay on hands. Although thankfully not directly on the affected area.

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