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Being Reverend

Praise for Being Reverend. A Diary.

The Daily Mail: ‘devilishly entertaining’.

Zoe Ball, broadcaster: 'Matt’s honesty, wild humour and huge love of humans shines like gold in this book. He is one super gifted chap. I loved it. Read it now!' 

Archbishop John Sentamu: ‘I have known Matt Woodcock for a number of years and it was my privilege to ordain him. God’s Holy Spirit dwells in him, taking him on an adventurous Jesus-shaped journey. Matt writes with his characteristic humour and honesty. It’s a story of God’s love. In reading this book, let’s all find God’s loving heart for each of us.’ 

Available in paperbook, ebook and audiobook read by the author himself. Published by Church House Publishing.

Matt Woodcock returns with this sequel to the bestselling ‘Becoming Reverend’.

Follow Matt’s journey as he starts work at one of Hull’s oldest, biggest and emptiest churches. It’s a shadow of its former self, with a small congregation and huge bills to pay. Adding the entrepreneurial (and somewhat excitable) Matt to their clergy line-up is the last throw of the dice for this 700-year-old institution.

But is Matt ready for such a tough first assignment? Are his new flock – or his new colleagues – ready for the whirlwind that’s about to descend? And can Matt realize his vision of a thriving church without wrecking his home life in the process?

As this real-life diary reveals, Matt’s life being Reverend can be every bit as fraught, funny and fascinating as it was becoming one.

Becoming Reverend

Becoming Reverend Matt Woodcock

Meet Woody.

Former journalist.

Die-hard Oasis fan.

High energy.

Low sperm count.

Training to be a vicar. Obviously.

Matt Woodcock's frank, funny real-life diaries reveal what it was like for him to train as a vicar while struggling against all odds to become a father.

In them he lays bare his joys and struggles as he attempts to reconcile his calling as a vicar with his life as a party-loving journalist, footy-freak and incorrigible extrovert.

Becoming Reverend is a compelling and original account of how faith can work in the midst of a messy life, combining family, fertility, faith and friendship with the story of a divine - but unlikely - calling.

Praise for Becoming Reverend. A Diary.

The Daily Mail: ‘Hilarious and surprisingly unlikely trainee vicar’s laugh out loud memoirs.’

The Sunday Times: ‘an irreverent, often squeamishly honest account..’

The Yorkshire Post: ‘Matt spills all sorts of truths about his trials as a trainee vicar; while also attempting against the odds to become a dad. His diary is devour and raucous, funny and serious, earthy and spiritual.’ 

Available in paperbook, ebook and audiobook read by the author himself. Published by Church House Publishing.

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