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Matt says that finding faith was the greatest thing that ever happened to him (even greater than watching York City beat Arsenal in the FA Cup!).


He believes that trying to put into practice the teachings of Jesus every day makes life happier, fuller, more contented and a lot more fun.


He’s passionate about helping people explore faith in an informal, non-threatening way, growing communities of spiritual adventurers and transforming the church and the areas we live for the better.

Matt currently leads a pioneering Christian community in York for young adults called The Upper Room and ministers at St Paul’s, Holgate and St Barnabas, Leeman  Road.

He too often finds the traditional way of doing church and being a vicar unnecessarily boring, irrelevant to too many people’s lives and in dire need of fresh ideas and transformation.

He longs to see churches become places of joy and laughter, prayer and parties and hubs for the creative arts, community-cohesion and practical help.

The Upper Room aims is to create a community of ‘deep-spirited friends’ who explore faith, make a practical difference, eat, drink, play, laugh and pray together and seek to live life to the full. 

The group usually ‘do’ church in pubs, cafes, sports fields, on weekends away and round meal tables and family homes.

Sometimes they even meet in church.

For more information or to connect with The Upper Room contact the team at: 

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