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#16 Bonny.

Most Fridays I’ve started going for an early morning walk with my mate Bonny.

Nestling under a cosy duvet next to my warm wife, it’s always a struggle to drag myself up and out.

A cold, bearded Bonny is a far less attractive prospect at 6.30am.

But I’m always glad I made the effort.

Our walks together have become a life-giving and laughter-filled highlight of the week.

A source of light in the dark shadow Covid 19 has cast across our lives.

For me, what makes it particularly special, is the unwritten rule between us that we don’t do small talk.

No meaningless, inane chit chat.

We are both seekers of a deeper, more sacred kind of conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, our topics are always varied.

In the space of our five miles together recently, we discussed (in no particular order): NBA basketball, how stocks and shares work, the stuggles of homeschooling and the mystery of why God allows suffering.

I’ve come to realise over the years that many of us blokes need to get loads better at telling each other how we really feel about all kinds of subjects - life, faith, work, family, the benefits of VAR.

It can enrich and unburden us in ways we never expected and radically improve our mental and emotional health.

On a more spiritual level, Bonny’s honest wonderings about God and belief have also helped my Christian journey.

Inspired me to continually ponder what I think about different aspects of faith, church and the character of God.

On our last walk together, we were blessed with glorious morning sunshine.

It bathed itself against the Minster towers and beamed through the mist hanging over York Racecourse.

We noticed the first shoots of spring too - sprouting all over the place.

What a day to be alive!

Yes, Covid 19 might have robbed us of so much this year, but I’m also grateful for its unexpected gifts.

My morning walks with a bloke called Bonny definitely being one of them.

Long may they continue.

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