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#25 Beers.

One of my greatest pleasures in life is sipping a sensational pint of ice cold beer on a boiling hot day in the company of someone I love.

Putting the world to rights over a few quality sherbets has always made me really, really happy.

So, just to torment myself in my current alcohol-free season of Lenten self-denial, I've been reflecting on my favourite ever ales.

These are my #TopFiveFriday greatest beers of all time.

I suspect some people might disagree.

My mouth waters at the prospect of reading alternative suggestions...

5. Timothy Taylor's Landlord.

I’m more of a lager or craft beer man these days, but I’ll always make an exception if a pint of Landlord is on offer. It’s a classic, delicious pale ale. When I first started going to pubs with my dad to do the weekly quiz, this is what we drunk. It’s hoppy, fruity, goes down an absolute treat and makes me feel 18 all over again. Winner.

4. Super Bock

Sipping Portugal’s popular Super Bock invokes lovely memories of summer holidays with special friends in the Algarve. I’m struggling to think of many more relaxing things to do than kicking back in a beachfront bar watching the world go by. This beer - when it’s ice cold - is the perfect accompaniment. It has a mild flavour, generous white head and is truly refreshing. A Super Bock makes for a super holiday.

3. Beavertown Gamma Ray.

My trendy London friend, Dan, introduced me to the delights of craft beer with a can of Gamma Ray. I needed a drink after he told me how much it cost - but what a taste! I’ve been a big fan of craft ever since (when I can afford it). Gamma is fresh, full of citrusy flavour, and deliciously moreish. But be warned - it’s pretty strong. The can looks ridiculous but the taste is incredible.

2. Red Stripe

I’m 19, I’m in a student club called the Arts Centre and I’m sipping a can of Red Stripe by the edge of the dancefloor trying to look like Liam Gallagher. I never quite managed it. This Jamaican lager beer will always hold special memories. But it’s not all style over substance. It has a wonderfully lingering sweet aftertaste and a hint of apples. Best served cold. Best drunk in shades and Liam-style parka jacket.

1. Modelo

Modelo beer - a sensational Mexican brew - was a relatively recent find. The quirky open box packaging and classy gold-leaf bottles initially caught my eye in the supermarket. But then I cracked one open and tasted it - wow! It’s everything a good lager beer should be - rich, full-flavored with a crisp, refreshing, light hop taste. My wife and I have had some lovely times in the garden with our new friend Modelo. It’s the perfect sundown beer and currently my runaway number one favourite. Espléndido!

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