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#26 Playlist.

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

I love creating a fresh Spotify playlist for my Saturday morning runs.

That hour of gentle jogging and music appreciation is so good for my mind, body and spirit.

A proper stress reliever - and a vital assault on my love handles.

Just lately, in an effort to avoid just listening to my same old classic 90s indie tunes, I've been educating myself with tracks from new young bands I'd never heard of.

Bands like The K's, The Lathums and RATS.

I was thrilled to discover that Skylights, a group from my home suburb of Acomb, are making big waves and recently signed to Manchester-based 42 Records.

I'm really liking their melodic, swaggering sound, terrace-inspired apparel and the fact they seem to be absolutely loving every minute of it.

So, if you are doing exercise and on the hunt for some brilliant new indie rock music to keep you going, here's my #DailyGubbins Saturday run playlist:

Skylights - Enemies

The Lathums - I know That Much

The K's - Glass Towns

Dylan John Thomas - Nobody Else

The Skinner Brothers - Away Days

Seasons - The Snuts

Fuzzy - Queen of the Flowers

Inhaler - My Honest Face

Garden Party - In The Middle

RATS - The Daily Grind

The Aliens - Follow The Sun

Fatberg - Maggot's Gold

Shambolics - Chasing A Disaster

Shader - Time Is Right

The Vanities - Mary Jane

Heavy Rapids - Crying Shame

Afflecks Palace - Pink Skies

The Receivers - Only Human

Serotones - Dream Start

Link here:

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