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#30 Yes.

I’m absolutely sick of the word ‘no’.

It’s all that seems to come out of my mouth these days.

I say it constantly to our daughters.

No to them getting a TikTok account.

No to a dog.

No to that bar of Crunchie just before tea.

No to them troweling on all that make-up before they go out.

No to them spending all their money on Roblox.

And definitely no to them meeting boys in the park.

Our twins are like little Velociraptors - taking it in turns to wear me down in the hope I’ll give them what they want.

I’ve resorted to using my mate’s line when I’m approached for the 37th time: ‘Whatever it is, the answer’s NO!’

I don’t know how I ended up like this.

I was always a massive yes man before we had kids.

Free-spirited and up for anything.

Well, the latest Netflix family blockbuster may have found me a way forward.

‘Yes Day’ is a must-see for any parents sick of hearing themselves say ‘no’.

The stressed, killjoy couple in the film decide to set aside one 24-hour period when they can’t say no to their three kids - however outrageous the request.

A few ground rules are put in place - like a maximum spend and travel distance and nothing dangerous - but basically, anything goes.

The film struck a chord.

Helped me recognise that I’ve been in danger of becoming a busy, grumpy, naysaying old fart of a dad.

So, I’m changing things up.

We’ve promised the twins a ‘Yes Day’ for the Easter holidays - if they earn it.

I think I’m more excited than them - despite getting wind of some of their plans.

Plucked eyebrows, mascara, lipstick and a walk through town was mentioned.

And that’s just for me.

I’ve also overheard talk of mountains of McDonald’s chicken burgers, games of Twister and mentos and coke volcanoes.

It could have been worse - they haven’t mentioned boys.


The girls have also said they plan to confiscate our phones and laptops for the day.

‘No work!’ they’ve insisted.


I suspect this Yes Day will reveal what the girls really want but don’t get enough of if I’m honest - my undivided attention.

No distractions. No urgent calls to make or emails to send. No fitting them in.

The day will be how it should be far more often - just them and us. Fully present and together.

Hopefully with bellies full of chicken burger, clearing up exploded Coke bottles and in fits of laughter.

It's a yes from me.

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