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#33 Memories.

I got sent this photograph a few days ago.

More torment in this period of alcohol-free Lent!

My friend saw it on social media and commented: ‘That’s the look of a happy and content man right there.’

He was spot on - it was.

As part of my journey through the season of Lent, I’ve been trying to reflect on one lovely memory every day.

It’s been good for my mind and soul.

This picture was one of my memories this week.

I’m sat outside a bustling cafe bar in the centre of Malaga with my dad, brother-in-law and best friend.

We’ve just arrived in the city and I’m soaking up the atmosphere and revelling in lovely conversation.

I’m stupidly puffing on a small cigar (a real rarity for me), savouring a glass of cold beer and wondering if it was possible to feel any more content.

I didn’t want those few hours to end.

This picture of my wife and daughters was another memory. We’re in Barnitts hardware store in York last Christmas. It had been a cold, miserable day with Covid restrictions in place all over town. We walked into this fabulous shop and were suddenly bathed in the sparkly glow of the wonderful fairy lights. The festive atmosphere immediately lifted our spirits. It was a few moments of pure Christmas magic. We skipped home, fired up the hot chocolate and watched Elf. Perfect.

For me, making time to get lost in a happy memory for a few minutes helps fight off the Covid blues.

And inspires me to try to create a new one every day.

I recommend it.

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