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#47 Sunrise.

Few things get the creative and spiritual juices flowing more than the sunrise.

The new dawn.

It’s easy to see why.

There’s a special sacredness to watching the sun come up.

For me, that’s never more true than on Easter Sunday when us Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

At first light tomorrow, our church community will gather round a fire to worship and give thanks together.

We’ll ‘rejoice in the splendour’ of the new morning, as the poet Percy Shelley wrote, and - in a spiritual sense - mark the moment ‘the mask of darkness fell from the awakened Earth’.

We're allowed to sing together for the first time in over a year. I'll be going for it!

It will be a simple Easter celebration but a poignant and significant one.

Before we tuck into our bacon butties and hot coffee, we’ll say this prayer together round the fire:


We share in the light of your glory

Through your Son, the light of the world.

Make this new fire holy, and inflame us with new hope.

Purify our minds by this Easter celebration

And bring us one day to feast in your eternal light.

Through Christ our Lord.


After the year we've had, I think the light and hope of the new dawn and the message of the resurrection is even more poignant and relevant.

If you live in the Leeman Road area and fancy joining us, we'd love to see you.

I'll be the grey-haired one in the dog collar with eyes like pee holes in the snow - but a heart full of hope.

Happy Easter!

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