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Matt Woodcock Beer Festival in a Church

matt in the press

Daily Express

Unconventional Yorkshire vicar welcomes everyone in mission to shake up Church Of England

MATT Woodcock packed the pews and halved the average age of the congregation at his city centre church. Which is not bad going for someone who was thrown out of the Scouts and got caught fighting in Sunday school.


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Daily Mail

My holy hilarious revolution: The devilishly entertaining diary of novice minister MATT WOODCOCK who took over at Britain's biggest parish church.


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The first thing I learned as a trainee vicar? A dog collar makes you 50% sexier! The hilarious (and surprisingly racy) diaries of a likely lad who decided to become a man of the cloth

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Living North Magazine

Heaven & Hull Reverend Matt Woodcock is a typical gobby Northern lad – and he’s also the vicar of Hull’s Holy Trinity Church, where he’s taking religion back to the people via beer festivals, wilderness weekends, and a good dose of Yorkshire common sense.

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Charles Hutchinson Press 

How Matt Woodcock changed an empty church with real ale, camels and humour

THIS is not a good time to be infectious, but Matt Woodcock is exactly that. In a good way and in a God way.

Back in the day at The Evening Press, his cub-reporter enthusiasm brought him exclusives that escaped all others. He loved a story, he loved people, and he had a gift, shared with his journalist dad John, for easing his interviewees into opening up before they knew it.

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Dermot O'Leary and Matt Woodcock
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